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ABOUT Delta Study

The Best of
                  Educational Services
                                                 for Everyone

Delta Study Group is comprised of graduate students from top universities in the UK. We offer a portfolio of educational and life services to students with the highest quality and competitive price. The Delta Study group comprises of five brands, and its mission is to provide the best of educational services to everyone.


Established in 2012, Delta Study Group specialises in providing the highest quality educational services to students in all subject areas in all grade levels. Delta Study offers a wide range of educational services and prides itself with having a team of specialised counsellors and tutors that have graduated from the best universities in the UK. We support and advise students to develop into strong and confident learners and achieve their best. 

Delta Study group comprises of five brands, providing innovative, high-quality services to both domestic and international students. We support all learners in a number of ways; either by online help system, telephone, face to face or at our student fairs and meetings. We will be with our students from the start of their living and study in the UK till their graduation time by supporting in their applications process, advising and supporting during their study years and helping them to find job opportunities.

The mission of Delta Study is to provide the best of educational services to everyone and export UK high-quality educational services around the world. Our dedicated team is helping students to experience a better quality of education here in the UK. We have tutors for all subjects and disciplines taught at pre-university, BTEC, undergraduate, and postgraduate courses. We are committed to not only providing students with expert educational services but also providing them with the support they need to reach their potential. 



The United Kingdom (UK) and Britain, is situated north-west of the European continent between the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea.
It has a total land area of 244,100 square kilometres, of which nearly 99% is land, and the remainder inland water.
From north to south it is about 1,000 kilometres long. The country includes the island of Great Britain and is made up of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Britain was the world's first industrialised country. Its economy remains one of the largest, but it has for many years been based on service industries rather than on manufacturing. Britain was a member of the European Union  (EU) around half a century and left the EU end of January 2020 based on their referendum in 2016. 


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About UK

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland higher education including degrees, diplomas, certificates and other academic awards (other than honorary degrees and higher doctorates) are provided by many different types of institutes, colleges, universities and university colleges.

The types of qualifications awarded by higher education institutions at sub-degree and undergraduate (first cycle) and postgraduate level (second and third cycles) are described in the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (FHEQ).

In the UK and Ireland, each stage within any framework of qualifications, be it school, vocational, further or higher education, is commonly referred to as a 'level'. In practice, most such levels represent bands of qualifications that share similar expectations of attainment.

The FHEQ has five levels, three of which are undergraduate and two are postgraduate. The table below indicates the typical higher educations at each level of the FHEQ.

  • A higher education qualification at level 4
    (Certificate of Higher Education)

  • A higher education qualification at level 5
    (Foundation Degree)

  • A higher education qualification at level 6
    (Bachelor's degree with honours)

  • A higher education qualification at level 7
    (Master's degree)

  • A higher education qualification at level 8
    (Doctoral degree)


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